Lonnie Knight - guitars, vocal
“When he sings of ‘major truths in minor keys’… we know not only what he means, but how he feels.”

– critic Scott Alarik writing about Lonnie Knight

Singer-songwriter Lonnie Knight may joke that “Legendary is just another way of saying ‘...been around a long time,’” but the lanky Minnesotan is one of those rare musicians who has truly earned the title Legendary. He got his start as a folkie, learning from the likes of Townes Van Zandt. Then he played in some of the Midwest’s seminal rock bands, including Jokers Wild, the Nielsen-White Band and the Hoopsnakes. His recent CDs Better Days (2005) and I Wrote My Name on You (2007) brought him back to his acoustic roots, and with his brand new CD So We Jump (2010), his music is inspiring a whole new generation of fans.

Reid Papke - bass
Little is known about Reid Papke. Quite frankly, little truth is known about most bass players. He was discovered by Lonnie in 1979, living in a machine shed and subsisting on canned tuna and Cheerios. His diet hasn't changed much, but he lives in a house now.

Lonnie and Reid have worked together in various ensembles for roughly 35 years, the resulting conversation between guitar and bass can only be described as magical.

Gary Haberman - percussion, drums, vocal
Gary is the drive behinnd Mosquito Shoals. On full kit or conga/djembe/hand percussion array, Gary keeps the other miscreants in line.

Gary has performed for over 20 years as a journeyman drummer. He has performed in venues large and small all over the U.S. and Canada, with numerous artists as side player, and has worked in live sound and recording production for 10 years.

Gary is also a successful educator and has taught private drum lessons to many up and coming drummers at several locations including his own studio for over 15 years.

The staples having been successfully removed from the back of his head, Gary no longer feels the urge to comingle with i-beams, and he is once again comfortable around computers and radio transmitters.

Laura Owen - vocal, percussion
Laura is the newest member of Mosquito Shoals. She brings a fresh and exciting dimension to the band with her stunning vocals and warm, upbeat stage presence (and quite frankly, the guys were getting a little tired of Lonnie singing everything).

Laura grew up singing in church... where she got her ribald sense of humor remains a mystery... and she makes great egg salad.